Knowing your best side.

When at a wedding and taking group pictures, it’s more than likely that you’ve been asked  to switch places with someone because “that’s not their good side” or “I dont like myself on that side”. 

That happens often and as a photographer I understand the psychology behind it.  All brides to be should figure it out what side they like themselves the most on, looking at each side of my face in the mirror (and, of course, take numerous selfies) this way you are more likely to be happy with your images. With that said some people will feel that they look the same on both sides, and that is very common to people that have symmetry to their face.

Now, no one has complete symmetry to them but once you know the good side you’ll always “put your best side forward”. Everyone has one eye a bit smaller or a cheek a bit thinner. In most people the differences are barely noticeable, so why do we care about our “good” side anyway? Unconsciously we always want to show our best side to the world because as researchers and scientists believe that facial characteristics can reveal personality traits to observers, a study published in Psychological Science discovered that humans make lasting judgements about a person’s character after being exposed to a face for only 100 milliseconds. Yes, we all want to be fair and not judge a book by its cover by nature our brains are wired to do so.  The most important thing is that at the very end when the proofs come in you want to have 

amazing images you are proud to show and remember how beautiful you are on the most important day of your life. 

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