Tips on getting your wedding full of great pictures!

                                               Your beauty is already there!

       Is true emotion better than posed? YES, I believe that faking a smile will result in a photo you hate. A photographer can only enhance your beauty by positioning you for better light but during your photo session, make sure you don’t focus on the camera, but rather, your new husband! Being able to truly feel and show the love it must be genuine. Emotion at that moment will create the love in the image that will be captured.  

                                               Stress is a good way not to look awesome!

      Staying relaxed guarantees you showing less wrinkles you want to show on pictures. On your wedding day you will be stressed for time, yourself look good, trying not to forget anything, etc… . People always look the most photogenic when they’re relaxed my remedy the craziness of the day you must delegate and trust it will be done. Doing something as small as making sure to take a few deep breaths when you feel the pressure can help you relax and give you a natural glow in your photos.

                                      Trying new look or skin product?   

     Don’t get a spray or self-tan the day of the wedding. You will sweat more than normal  and sometimes it will show way more orange and uneven than you realize. Seems intuitive, but you’d be surprised how many brides, grooms, and their bridal party tan the same day. On your wedding day I have to say I am probably the one that spends most of the time with the bride and groom since I am creating the content for their wedding album and don’t want to miss any good images, I have seen brides try new product on their skin and even though it makes them look good I can see they weren’t confortable in their skin. On that day you have to remember it is once you will get married so make yourself as confortable as you can be because it all comes out on your pictures. 

     Wedding day is as fun as you want it to be, remember it is your day and no one can mess it up. I hope these points will give you some insight of what a photographer sees when making your wedding a story of love in images.

Dariusz Terepka


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